Defense Contractor Whistleblowers

Are You On Active Duty Or A Veteran Who Suspects Fraud Against The U.S. Government Or Military?

Our Defense Contractor Whistleblower Lawyers Help Veterans and Military Personnel Report Defense Contractor Fraud And Maximize Their Cash Awards

Our U.S. government grants nearly $300 billion each year to defense contractors who provide clothing, food, weapons, aircraft, ships and other military supplies for our armed forces. Unfortunately, many defense contractors attempt to abuse these funds for their own financial gain, wasting taxpayer dollars and putting the safety of our nation and its service men and women at risk.

Our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers help weapons manufacturers, military equipment mechanics, aircraft engineers, cybersecurity technicians and other defense contractor employees fight fraud, waste and abuse at its source. Holding the largest whistleblower settlement in U.S. history ($16.65 billion), our experienced team of defense contractor whistleblower lawyers have already earned clients over $100 million dollars in award money.

Do you have information on defense contractor fraud against the U.S. government? Veterans, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army and other defense contractor personnel who have information on fraud against the Department of Defense are encouraged to contact us and learn more about whistleblower rights in a free, fully confidential consultation.

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Department of Defense Uses False Claims Act To Expose Defense Contractor Fraud

You might be entitled to a large cash award. Enacted during the Civil War to expose overcharging and defective goods supplied to the Union Army, the False Claims Act, or “Lincoln Law,” pays cash incentives to urge those with information on fraud to come forward.

When a whistleblower’s information leads to a successful settlement or verdict, the federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 - 3733, offers that whistleblower between 15% and 30% of the total government recovery. Our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers’ veteran and active military clients often obtain cash awards that range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Common False Claims Act violations committed by defense contractors include:

  • Making fraudulent statements or misrepresentations in defense contract bidding
  • Overbilling or submitting fraudulent invoices for defense contract labor, services or goods
  • Using defective, refurbished or otherwise unsafe materials and parts
  • Cross-charging from fixed price contracts to cost-plus contracts
  • Skirting design specifications or other contract requirements
  • Failing to notify the government of product deficiencies upon discovery
  • Failing to adhere to government environmental or worker safety standards
  • Violations of best-price requirements
  • Violations of Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) obligation

Evidence of intent to defraud the government is not required. If you are questioning whether some act by a defense contractor may be a violation of the False Claims Act, our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers are happy to answer your questions in a free, confidential consultation.

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Legal Protections for Defense Contractor Whistleblowers

Because of the potential for employer retaliation, the False Claims Act provides legal rights and protections to whistleblowers who report fraud, waste and abuse of government funds. False Claims Act anti-retaliation provisions prohibit employers from firing, demoting, harassing, denying promotion or otherwise discriminating against employees or other individuals because they choose to report a violation.

Defense contractor whistleblowers subjected to retaliation have the right to sue for damages, including:

  • Double payment of lost wages
  • Interest on lost wages
  • Job reinstatement
  • Other special damages
  • Attorneys’ fees and costs

Together, we can help combat fraud against the U.S. government and potentially save lives. Contact our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers today for a fully confidential, free case evaluation.

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How To File a Defense Contractor Whistleblower Claim

The moment you suspect a defense contractor is acting in violation of the False Claims Act, it is critical to contact an experienced defense contractor whistleblower lawyer. Defense contractors considering or committing fraud against the government put the very lives of our military service men and women at stake.

Initial consultations are free of any obligation and are kept fully confidential. We will answer your questions about your role and ours, clarify your rights and determine whether your information makes you eligible for a cash award.

Act Fast! Whistleblower Time Limits Restrict Cash Award Eligibility

Due to “first to file” bars, only the first individual to report an incident of defense contractor fraud is eligible to collect a cash whistleblower award. In addition, various federal and state statutes of limitations apply.

Your initial consultation with us solidifies your role as whistleblower and your eligibility for a cash award.

We protect the rights of defense contractor whistleblowers who choose to come forward and protect our nation from U.S. government and military fraud.

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